The Andover club started life in 1978 when Martin Bushnell and Peter Wright G8GYS decided to winkle out other like minded electronics enthusiasts in the Andover area.  Peter was running fast scan TV at the time and others were able to use ordinary TV sets to monitor his transmissions.  In fact the firm of Link Electronics in Andover was a breeding ground for members housing as it did G8ADM Dave Mann and G8AER John Tanner.

After the club started to meet regularly the membership snowballed and other licensed amateurs joined in preferring the local club to the well established but somewhat distant club at Salisbury.  ARAC has always been happy to accept members with widely differing backgrounds and it absorbed many from the CB fraternity alongside experienced signallers from the Services and engineers from the radio and TV trade.

We recently received this video from Peter Wright, G8GYS : "I was looking back through some old VHS home video footage, shot in the early 80's I think, and I found ARAC's attempts to install an HF aerial at the Wolversdene Club in Andover. This was our venue at the time for club meetings. Not too sure of the exact year, VHS tapes don't have a date and time stamp :-) (how primitive!) but maybe one of the oldies out there can be more precise.

Anyway, I have digitised it and made it into a short video, which might be either nostalgic, or a window into a world before health and safety, depending on your age! The pictures aren't great due to the technology of the time, and the visibility worsens towards the end due to fog coming in, but it's the content that's interesting. Enjoy! ". Please click on here to view or download the video > AERIAL VIDEO

The club’s venue has moved about over the years in an attempt to find that perfect location ie plenty of room for antennas and cars.  So at the present time we are located in the village of Wildhern (now becoming well known for the Spring and Autumn Car Boot sales that we hold there).  The club operates from the Village hall there which is well elevated for VHF operation and is remote enough from the village houses to cause no interference to TVs and the like. For a full copy of our current constitution (from January 2018) please click on here > ARAC Constitution.

The club provides Foundation and Intermediate courses on a demand basis under the control of Andy G6JRS and Andy M0ZFX and has had a 100% pass rate to date.


Every existing member needs to complete a Membership Application Formonce a year, this is normally tied in to the AGM. If you are not currently a member but would like to join the Andover Radio Amateur Club, please download the PDF form and pass the completed application to either the Secretary or the Treasurer. Please click on this link to download by clicking here : Membership Application Form


It was wonderful to see so many members at the AGM again this year. There were a few changes to the committee with Angie (G6ABM) taking over as Treasurer and Ivan (2E0DUM) managing the website.

Terry Cull (G6ALR) has had to step down this year as Treasurer due to health issues. The club is in much debt to Terry for the many years that he has looked after the club's finances as treasurer. Every club member will miss his enthousiams in taking money from us for subs and events.

Minutes from the AGM can be downloaded on the links below.
AGM Minutes 2012 AGM Minutes 2013 AGM Minutes 2014 AGM Minutes 2016
AGM Minutes 2017      


In November 2013, the Committee was very pleased to announce two new Life Members in recognition of their unstinting hard work over numerous years in carrying out the training and examinations for ARAC.

< Keith, G0HKC and Andy, G6JRS >


At the AGM in December 2015, the Committee was very pleased to present an Outstanding Achievement Award to Andy, M0FZX for his unstinting work training members for exams and also in recognition of advice and help to members new and old. The member of the year for 2017 was awarded to Mal, G8FHI for his outstanding contribution to the VHF field day and training intermediate members for examination.

 Andover Radio Club Outstanding Achievement award 2017 Outstanding Achievement Award, ARAC, Andover, Radio, Amateur
Andy - M0FZX (2016 Award) Mal - G8FHI (2017 Award) Paul - G4KZY (2018 Award)