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Every year the members look forward to the Fox Hunting. ARAC orgnise around 5 events from June through to August, whilst the nights are light. They are arranged to fall on some of the Tuesday's where there is no club night.

Full details of the rules, maps and event winners for the current year can be found on our Fox Hunting page. Prior to the first hunt, to give everyone an equal chance of success, an antenna and equipment check/test evening is arranged for all participating members.

ARAC - Annual Fox Hunting Competition

Mills on the Air is an annual special event which ARAC has been a part of for many years. The event is held at the Crux Easton Wind Engine in north Hampshire not far from Highclere Castle (the home of the TV series Downton Abbey).

The competition entry and organisation is done by club members Cliff G0WKK and Mal G8FHI, this is always a fun event with members visiting throughout the two day event and taking part. More information about Mills on the Air, can be found at

ARAC atteding the Mills onf the Air Competition
VHF NFD Weekend  

Once again ARAC are taking part in the NFD event. The station will be located at Wexcombe Down (IO9 1EH). ARAC will be using a small selection of bands with licened club members operating and logging. Each station will have an operator and call logger with members rotating throughout the duration of the competition.

The NFD rules for this year can be found on the RSGB website.

ARAC taking part in VHF NFD weekend