On February 1st 2011 we enjoyed a wonderful presentation by Tony Crake, G0OVA entitle "40 years with the BBC".  Two weeks later, on February 15th 2011 there was a presentation of Vintage Military Radio equipment by Andy Milner, 2E0YOR (and two able bodied assistants), there was lots of different Bowman radio gear - everything from personal radio units through to vehicular and transport kit.

The presentation by Terry Cull, G8ALR on Oscilloscopes and their uses that took place on March 15th 2011 was very enlightening. the slideshow allowed even the uninitiated amongst us to get a good grip on how useful Oscilloscopes can really be. 

Bob Bennett MBE kindly came on May 17th 2011 and gave us a superb presentation on the use and need for radio with regard to light and commercial aircraft.  He regaled us with many tales and kept us entertained so well that we didn't really want to let him go !  We were also pleased to be able to send a cheque for him to present to the Bomber Command Memorial on our behalf as a small token of our appreciation.

On June 21st 2011 we were blessed with realatively warm and dry weather which encouraged everyone out onto the field to watch Andy Milner and Richard Powell demonstrating the efficiency of MOD radio masts. We will all now be keeping our eyes open at Boot Sales in future to see if we can lay our hands on one of those little beauties !

We were very pleased to welcome Bill Shambrook who came along and gave a presentation on August 2nd 2011 about electrical safety. Whilst we are all aware that electricity can be very dangerous and most of us know what we should be doing, it is always good to be reminded of the possible outcomes if we don't and kept up to date with the latest advances.

The Transmitter hunt round the field on August 16th 2011 was very good fun. We had varying levels of success, but everyone was getting the hang of it as the light faded. Dave Perry, G4 YVM gave us a wonderful practical demonstration on aerial kite flying on September 6th 2011 which was accompanied by a very detailed discussion on exactly how the kites are constructed. Dave also made the rather rash offer to make a pair of kites so that next summer we can try launching a dipole, I fear he may regret his kind gesture !

We also took part in JOTA this year on behalf of Salisbury Scouting at Dennis House, Salisbury on October 15th 2011. Whilst there was a slight lack of Scouts, those that did participate appeared to enjoy the experience, and for the club members that ran the event, the fish and chips were very much appreciated !

The quiz that Terry, G8ALR ran for us on November 1st 2011 was challenging to say to the least for most of the membership. I think most of us feel that we will need to swot up if he runs one again !

Callsigns assigned this year :

Paul Moore-Morton          M6XSJ

James Moore-Morton      M6MMJ