We started 2012 with our "Christmas" Meal ! On January 10th 2012 a number of us enjoyed a lovely meal at The Wyke Down Country Pub and all felt positively stuffed at the end of the evening ! Due to the growing interest in and ownership of Baofeng UV-3 Dualband Receivers, we have had a couple of evenings where the club analyser was available and the receivers could be modded and programmed as required, the first of these was on February 7th 2012. We also ran a prize draw giving one of these receivers away in order to create a mailing list for our future Boot Sales. The winner of this years prize draw was Keith, G1POJ from Basingstoke.

On February 21st 2012 we enjoyed an informative presentation by Andy, G6JRS about "Home wiring - the risks" where we were all reminded we must not to become complacent regarding the dangers surrounding electrics. March 20th 2012 saw Terry, G8ALR and Jim, G4NWJ organise an Oscillator workshop and fun build contest night. Sadly it confirmed to some of us, that we real shouldn't attempt self-builds, but likewise others were enthused to either complete their unfinished projects or to take on new ones.

Liz, M0ACL/VP8YLB from BYLARA (British Young Ladies Amateur Radio Association) came along on April 3rd 2012 and gave us a wonderful presentation about their participation in Lighthouses on the Air from the Shetland Islands. This year saw the 25th anniversary of the International Marconi Day so at 01:00 (BST) on April 21st 2012 we again participated from the Netheravon Fire Station, good fun was as usual, had by all as can be evidenced by the photos on our FaceBook page. On May 12th 2012 we took part in the Mills on the Air, transmitting from the Whitchurch Silk Mill again.

On May 29th 2012 a number of us enjoyed the Tape Measure Aerial build night that was run by Jim, G4NWJ. This was of course in preparation for the Foxhunts that we run during the spring and summer months. Sadly, nobody thought to notify the weather that it really is not practical to go on Radio Foxhunts in the pelting rain so a couple of them had to be cancelled this year !

Interspersed between the Foxhunts, we enjoyed an outside Operating Evening on June 19th 2012 when the weather was actually co-operative, Steve (who is now M0SLK) brought along a large selection of Clansman radio equipment on July 3rd 2012 and gave us an informative presentation about the kit. We were also pleased to see Tony Crake, G0OVA return to us on August 7th and September 4th 2012 to give us parts 2 and 3 of "40 years in the BBC".

On August 21st 2012 Maurice Hillier, a BAFTA award winning sound recordist came along and showed us the equipment that he uses which was fascinating, he was also rash enough to agree to return in 2013 ! John, G4YSB gave a superb presentation on October 2nd 2012 about "Radio Operations in the Merchant Navy in the 1960's" which gave an insight into his work.