On January 29th 2013 we enjoyed a nice meal at The Wyke Down Country Pub, which eventually went off without a hitch even though they got us and the local W.I. confused !! Mark from Castledown Radio came along and gave us a really interesting and informative presentation on February 19th 2013 regarding the running of a local radio station. We also enjoyed a great presentation from one of our committee members - Richard, M1CFW on Flash X-ray, those of us that missed it on March 19th 2013 were really rather grumpy !

We had a fun evening on April 16th 2013 when we had a PIXE kit build and test night that was organised by Dave, G4YVM which was followed three days later on April 19th 2013 by the International Marconi Day event. This is always an entertaining and well supported night were we made a number of good contacts whilst enjoying a few beers and a cracking curry provided by Martin, M0MWS. The club's thanks go as ever to Dave, G0AYD for arranging the use of Netheravon Airfield Fire Station's facilities again this year ! We also partcipated in Mills on the Air on May 11th 2013 from Whitchurch Silk Mill, where they made us a welcome as normal !

The Spring and Autumn Boot Sales (April 28th and September 1st 2013) were both a total success and seriously aided Club Funds whilst offering both the buyers and sellers an opportunity to get together. We again ran a prize draw giving a Baofeng UV-5R receiver away in order to create a mailing list for our future Boot Sales. The winner of this years prize draw was John, G6SGW from Southsea.

This year we ran four Radio Foxhunts during June, July and August which were reasonably well attended, even on the gloomy weather evenings ! We'll be running four again next year, so we'll all be getting out our tape measure aerials for a refurb again !

In between the Foxhunts we had some exciting presentations, including one on June 18th 2013 by John Davies entitled "Licensed Spy" about his time behind the Iron Curtain which was fascinating. The Antenna workshop on July 16th 2013 was very well attended and resulting in a number of members starting or in some cases completing an antenna based on an extendable fishing rod. August 20th 2013 saw Mark Freeta from Castledown Radio returning to us for a "test your rig night".... a very useful evening which identified that our club radio needed a little bit of tweeking as it is putting out dirty signals ! A little job for someone in the club !

We had three final presenations to complete our calendar this year : on September 17th 2013 Anton Antenna Designs gave us a chat on the design of G5RV, we are very lucky to have Richard, M1CFW not only in the club, but on the committee as he gave a very informative presentation on "Defence HF Communications in the 1960's" on October 1st 2013 and we enjoyed a YouTube clips evening brought to us by Martin, M0MWs and Terry, G8ALR on November 5th 2013. This year's AGM was very well attended on December 3rd 2013 and the evening culminated in plenty of banter, sausage rolls and scrummy mince pies !