We started the year with some Club Nights and then on January 28th 2014 we had our Annual Dinner at The Wyke Down Country Pub. Our Chairman Dave, G4YVM topped and tailed our year of presentations with "A dip into the RSGB archives" which was most enlightening. On March 4th 2014we were entertained by Rob Mannion, G3XFD who was the editor of Practical Wireless for over 25 years and still acts as the Consultant Editor with his presentation entitled "The Editors Tale; a life in Practical Wireless".

April was an exceedingly busy month, we started with a presentation from one of our members, Richard Powell, M1CFW on "Air Navigation during WW2" - as green radio is his passion, you can imagine the level of knowledge and information he can impart. We then had our International Marconi Day event starting at 1am on April 26th 2014, which as usual was wonderfully well hosted at the Netheravon Airfield Fire Station - great venue, great food and great fun... oh,and a little radio use too ! This was followed by our Spring Boot Sale on April 27th 2014.

During the slightly warmer months of the year we had a number of superb presentations : On May 6th 2014, Alton Antenna Arrays came along and discussed "The Yagi Aerial" with us; Two of our members, Dave Dixon, G0AYD and Keith Chambers, G0HKC on June 3rd 2014 are well qualified to have regailed us with details and stories of their time working in the coal mining industry; We were very lucky on July 1st 2014 to be entertained by Rev. George Dobbs, G3RJV founder of the GQRP Club. August 5th 2014 saw a presentation on "Naval Shutter Telegraph" by John Wakefield which was fascinating.

We ran four Radio Foxhunts during June, July and August which were reasonably well attended. We were very pleased that Rodney, G6YEY won the first Foxhunt of the year and Mike, G7MRY won the last - a first win for both of them which just go to show that practise does make perfect !!

Our Autumn Boot Sale on September 7th 2014 was relatively successful. Considering the current global financial climate both our boot sales were down on the last fewyears even though they were reasonably well attended. We will be considering how to overcome this at our committee meeting in January. Anne-Marie Perry, M3YVM joined us on November 4th 2014 and gave us a very informative presentation entitled "Technology in healthcare". This year's AGM was very well attended on December 2nd 2014 and the evening culminated in sausage rolls and scrummy mince pies and yuletide chats over a cuppa !