Morse Workshops are being held currently to help people who are learning morse code, those who would like to refresh their rusty skills or those that would like to improve their sending speed. Please contact us if you are interested ! In the meantime our Morse Booklet might whet your appetite !

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Report on 13th March 2013 :

WOW! is all I can say.

Another week of practice has paid off for the two ARAC Morse students who made it this evening. Martin, M0MWS and Mike, G7MRY, were both copying pretty good at 15wpm characters spaced a little slow. Down at the leisurely speed of 10wpm, normal spaces, they copied pretty much 100pc.

I'm not sure who was more surprised when they were copying QSO format text at these speeds, the instructors or the students! I would like to thank all the instructors who have turned up week after week so far, and please for the next few weeks too, for all their efforts and encouragement: it won't be too long now before we have a few more Morse operators in the ARAC enjoying another mode of operation.

The format of once a week workshops to check progress and teach where required (mostly sending technique) seems to be a good one provided the students do the ground work in between, which they clearly have, and it shows that the grind of lonely practice lasts only a few weeks and then you can start thinking about using your nascent skills on the air.

Many congratulations to Martin and Mike tonight!

It is very exciting to see new CW ops coming along! Morsum truly is Magnificat!